The Influence of Slag on the Hydration of Cement

These following conclusions are summarized from the work of Kocaba’s PhD thesis.

alite: no influence is shown on the consumption of alite measured by XRD.

belite: the substitution of cement by both slags seems to result in a delay in the hydration of belite in the first days.

aluminate phase......

How much is the bulk density of hydrating (blended) cement paste?

In the last post, I explained the clear definition of different densities. Among these densities, bulk density and apparent density are the two most important values when performing mercury intrusion porosity (MIP) experiment.

Since samples that undergo MIP are usually irregular, the bulk volume is......

Factors influence the reaction degree of slag in slag blended cement

The hydration kinetics of slag is generally divided into three stages: (1) a nucleation period during which product growth is accelerating, (2) a phase boundary controlled stage, and (3) a diffusion controlled stage.

The reaction degree of slag in blended cement is influenced by many factors. The m......